UNITE® 10 Webcam
UNITE® 20 Pro Webcam
UNITE® 150 PTZ Camera
Start meetings with ease using this professional-grade plug-and-play USB PTZ camera for conference rooms.
UNITE® 200 PTZ Camera
Support multiple applications with this versatile, professional-grade PTZ camera with USB, HDMI, and IP connections.
UNITE® 200 Pro PTZ HD Camera
Best-in-class, professional-grade PTZ camera features a 20x optical zoom lens plus a 16x digital zoom for extra distance when needed delivering 1080p60 quality at 60 fps with full pan and tilt. The UNITE 200 Pro is optimally suited for use in large spaces where close-up, high-resolution video capture is desired.
UNITE® 180 4K Panoramic Camera
UNITE® 60 4K Camera
Combine 120-degree field-of-view and AI tracking with your own choice of mic and speaker to enjoy an exceptional collaboration experience.
UNITE® 160 4K Camera
Professional grade 4K USB PTZ camera for conference rooms, web conferencing UC applications and more.
UNITE® 260 Pro Camera
A professional 4K Ultra HD camera with motorized pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), 20x optical zoom, plus 16x digital zoom providing the capability to capture all participants in the room.