Ultra-High Quality

4:4:4 / 4:2:0 color space with 24 bits per pixel for ultra-high quality. Highly efficient H.265 (for 4K resolution) and H.264 (for 1080P resolution) codec with loss less compression, high profile encoding and decoding.

Low Bandwidth

Low bandwidth usage for 1080p streams typically 8 Mbps for default, and can be configured to go as low as 1 Mbps.

Low Latency

Low end-to-end (glass to glass) latency for 1080p streams, typically around 70 ms, but can be configured to go as low as 50 ms.

High Resolution

4K SKUs support up to 4K60 DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) 4096×2160, 60 FPS; and 4K60 UHDTV (Ultra High Definition TV) 3840×2160 60 FPS. 1080P SKUs support up to 1080p60 1920×1080, 60 FPS.


H.264, H.265 codec streams are using RTSP/UDP standard transport protocols to interoperate with any 3rd party products that support these codec and protocols, like IP Cameras, PC with VLC video player, etc

Software Licenses

One-time license can be applied per device when and if needed for advanced features like Videowall, video-composition, local playback from USB drive, streaming audio to/from VIEW MJPEG decoder/encoders, audio mixing.