The Cloud AV Manager offers Management as a Service (MaaS) enabling recurring revenue opportunities for AV practitioners, tailored to their clients needs.

Additionally, AV practitioners can conveniently track client tenant usage in the Cloud AV Manager for invoicing and optional auto-payment reminders.

The Cloud AV Manager offers Management as a Service (MaaS) enabling recurring revenue opportunities for AV practitioners, tailored to their clients needs.
  • Scales to support organizations of any size – large or small.
  • Remote real-time access provides at-a-glance and all-inclusive powerful dashboard views.
  • Get up and running quickly with auto discovery of Pro Audio devices.
  • Organize AV devices and user permissions by any location hierarchy, such as city, building, and room.
  • Assign access rights by organization, location, user, and customized roles.
  • Remotely configure, backup, restore, and update CONVERGE® DSP Mixers and P-Link peripherals systemwide – and simultaneously.
  • Stay informed with email and SMS text alerts.
  • Download device logs and data for troubleshooting, auditing, and reports.
  • Provision CONVERGE Pro 2 VoIP lines and view VoIP registration status.
  • Communicate using integrated video, audio, and chat tools.
  • Convenient single-sign-on access through LDAP connectivity.
  • End-to-end security with HTTPS, encrypted cloud servers, and 256-bit encrypted password management for both users and devices.
  • Access from any device, desktop to mobile, with a powerful and elegant browser interface.
  • Integrates with third-party management systems via a RESTful web interface.
  • Also available is CONVERGENCE Enterprise AV Manager.


  • Multi-customer system maintenance
  • Help desk operations
  • Single-pane-of-glass business intelligence


  • AV/IT integration businesses
  • Global enterprises
  • Multi-site organizations
  • Educational institutions


  • Internet cloud service
  • Browsers supported (desktop to mobile): Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer
  • Integrates with on-cloud or on-premises COLLABORATE® Space Administrator


  • A Web browser with Internet access
  • Your email address, name, and mobile phone number (to receive SMS text alerts)
  • An invitation to register as a user from ClearOne’s Business Partner Services if you are an AV integrator, or from your integrator if you are an end-customer
  • CONVERGENCE Local Agent appliance or free software downloaded and installed on a server
    • On each LAN or CAN network of your organization
    • Easy setup behind an Internet firewall
    • With Ethernet access to auto-discover Pro Audio devices over multiple select subnets
    • Connected over the Internet to a Local Agent Server Account on the Cloud AV Manager
    • Automatically (recommended) or manually update
  • A free COLLABORATE® Space account


  • Web server protocol: HTTPS (Local Agent servers may use HTTP)
  • Minimum broadband internet connection speed of 256Kbps (512 Kbps recommended)
  • Allows default or custom SMTP email server access for email alerts
  • Allows LDAP directory service access (ex.Active Directory)
  • SMS text alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Video, Audio, and Chat tools


  • Monitoring System: Active, Issue, Off
  • Pro Audio Devices: Configuring, Down, Healthy, Incomplete Stack (the device’s CP2 stack has one or more devices offline), Locate Light On, Login Failed, Mismatched Stack (the device belongs to a different stack than its parent), OVERHEATING! (for CP2s), Restarting…, Safety Mute On, Unconfigured, Updating Firmware, VoIP Registration Failed, VoIP Restart Pending, Overflowed (the device overflows the maximum number of devices allowed with your subscription or service plan).
  • Video Collaboration Devices: Down, Communication Service Failed, Healthy


  • SHA-256 encrypted password storage for users, devices, and external services
  • OAuth2 access to COLLABORATE Space
  • Password trial rate limiting
  • Quality meters prevent weak passwords
  • Thwarts various security-hacking attacks
  • Cloud service updated by ClearOne for you.


  • CONVERGE® Pro 2 DSP Mixers
  • CONVERGE Huddle DSP Mixer
  • CONVERGE Pro 2 USB Expander
  • CONVERGE Pro 2 GPIO Expander
  • CONVERGE Bluetooth Expander
  • BMA 360
  • BMA CT
  • Beamforming Mic Array 2
  • DIALOG® 20
  • COLLABORATE Live video codecs


  • SWR-1000-002 CONVERGENCE AV Manager Unified Platform
  • SWR-1000-002-1 Cloud
  • SWR-1000-002-2 Enterprise
  • SWR-1000-002-3 Local Agent

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