Enables powerful Management as a Service (MaaS) for AV recurring revenue opportunities.

Both the AV Practitioners and their clients enjoy a cloud service tailored to their respective needs.

Enables powerful Management as a Service (MaaS) for AV recurring revenue opportunities.
  • Remote real-time system access provides at-a-glance and all-inclusive dashboard views with auto discovery of Pro Audio devices.
  • Access rights can be specified by organization, user, and role.
  • Scales to support organizations of any size – large or small.
  • Client tenant usage can be conveniently tracked for invoicing and optional auto-payment reminders.
  • Facilitates user support with built-in video, audio, and chat tools for real-time communications.
  • Stay informed on system and device status with email and SMS text alerts.
  • Can be virtually partitioned for AV management by location such as building, floor, room, or any global topology as desired.
  • Access from any device, desktop to mobile, with a powerful and elegant browser interface – available in twelve languages.
  • Easily update CONVERGE® DSP Mixers and P-Link peripherals via remote downloads and uploads of project files.
  • Enjoy the convenience of user preferences and single-sign-on access through LDAP connectivity.
  • Efficiently backup or restore multiple project files systemwide – simultaneously.
  • Download device logs and data for troubleshooting, auditing, and reports.
  • Perform remote batch firmware updates on multiple audio or video devices at once.
  • Search, sort, and filter to quickly find relevant information.
  • Receive notification of new firmware through “Update Available” icon badges.
  • Integrates with third-party management systems via a RESTful web interface.
  • Directly provision CONVERGE Pro 2 VoIP lines and view VoIP registration status.
  • Fully secured with HTTPS, encrypted cloud servers, and strong 256-bit encrypted password management for both users and devices.
  • Configure and manage COLLABORATE® Live codecs and COLLABORATE Space user accounts.


  • Audio system management
  • Video system management
  • Web conferencing management
  • Equipment auditing


  • Corporate campuses
  • Higher education campuses
  • Large government complexes
  • Multinational organizational sites


  • Internet cloud service
  • Browsers supported (desktop to mobile): Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer
  • Integrates with on-cloud or on-premise COLLABORATE® Space Administrator


  • A Web browser with Internet access
  • Your email address, name, and mobile phone number (to receive SMS text alerts)
  • An invitation to register as a user of a CONVERGENCE AV Cloud organization, obtained from ClearOne’s Business Partner Services if you are an AV integrator, or from your integrator if you are an end-customer
  • A free CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager downloaded and installed on a server
    • On each LAN or CAN network of your organization
    • Behind a firewall
    • With Ethernet access to auto discover Pro Audio devices over multiple select subnets
    • Connected to AV Cloud over the Internet to an AV Network Manager server account
    • Automatically (recommended) or manually update
    • A free COLLABORATE® Space account


  • Web server protocol: HTTPS
  • Minimum broadband internet connection speed of 256Kbps (512 Kbps recommended)
  • Allows default or custom SMTP email server access for email alerts
  • Allows LDAP directory service access (ex. Active Directory)
  • SMS text alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Video, Audio and Chat tools
  • Application menus and views support 12 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian


  • Monitoring System: Active, Issue, Off
  • Pro Audio Devices: Configuring, Down, Healthy, Incomplete Stack (the device’s CP2 stack has one or more devices offline), Locate Light On, Login Failed, Mismatched Stack (the device belongs to a different stack than its parent), OVERHEATING! (for CP2s), Restarting…, Safety Mute On, Unconfigured, Updating Firmware, VoIP Registration Failed, VoIP Restart Pending
  • Video Collaboration Devices: Down, Communication Service Failed, Healthy


  • Strong 256-bit encrypted password storage for users, devices, and external services
  • OAuth2 access to COLLABORATE Space
  • Password trial rate limiting
  • Quality meters prevent weak passwords
  • Thwarts various security-hacking attacks
  • AV Cloud service updated by ClearOne for you.


  • CONVERGE® Pro 2 DSP Mixers
  • CONVERGE Huddle DSP Mixer
  • CONVERGE Pro 2 USB Expander
  • CONVERGE Pro 2 GPIO Expander
  • CONVERGE Bluetooth Expander
  • BMA 360
  • BMA CT
  • Beamforming Mic Array 2
  • DIALOG® 20
  • COLLABORATE Live video codecs


  • SWR-1000-002-1 CONVERGENCE AV Cloud Unified Network Management Platform

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