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July 2022

New York


Jul 28 - Jul 29

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What's ClearOne Reconnection Tour?

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How It Works:

  1. Visit the ClearOne Re-Connections Tour Trailer at any of our stops.
  2. Sign in at the trailer using scannable codes, or even good, old-fashioned paper and pen! This allows your RSM to qualify you for the discount.
  3. Apply the discount toward any purchase of $500 or more within the next 90 days.
Tour Bonus

The Fine Print:

Tour Bucks can be combined for use toward a single order, but the minimum purchase discount still applies. (Two discounts equal $400 off a minimum order of $1,000.)

To redeem the offer, reference the Tour Bucks discount on your purchase order. There is only one discount allowed per registered attendee, but companies may combine multiple discounts by referencing each registered attendee. (Discount applies to total before tax and shipping.)

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