Success Story: Spa

Customer Success Story: Home Properties

Spas these days are employing music as an additional method to relax their customers. An easy way to provide background music to soothe the spa clients without bulky equipment that can interfere with spa aesthetics, an integrator for a spa can select NetStreams Musica™ Distributed Audio system for ease of installation, use and remote capabilities.

The installer would place the Musica Audio Distribution Center in a rack of equipment hidden away in the main server room, along with 2 XM tuners and 2 CD jukeboxes for global sources. Musica 50-watt amplified in-wall keypads (MU5066KP50) can be installed in each suite, offering customers easy access to their choice of one of the 4 global sources, or two local sources, either an FM tuner (MU5066DFMT, inserted into each Musica keypad) or a source like an iPod or portable CD player (via a NetStreams Audio Port AP500) that they may have brought along.

To add to the capabilities of the system, the integrator can install a NetStreams MU2REM Network Interface Module. This allows the staff to control any suite, or all the suites from any PC on the network that has a web browser. One of the key capabilities is that the spa may want the ability to use a wireless web tablet connected to the system via the spa’s standard WIFI (802.11g) network, so any staff member could quickly respond to any system requests no matter where they were.