Success Story: Hotel

If an upscale hotel wanted to outfit some of their premier suites with a variety of new capabilities DigiLinX would be a good option. To kick off the project, a hotel could select their top floor of guest rooms, 30 in all, with plans to expand to the other floors of the hotel. For example, begin with a 2 zone audio system in each room, providing global sources fed from a hard drive audio server, as well as the ability for each guest to plug in a local source and listen to it in either or both of the zones within their room.

Ease of use is a crucial determining factor in deciding upon which system should be installed, as the technological capability of hotel guests can very greatly. You will be very excited to see how easy it is to control the two zones from a NetStreams TouchLinX™ in-wall LCD touch screen.

Room temperature and lighting systems can also be controlled from each guest room’s touch panel. For environmental reasons, the temperature of the room could be setback when a guest leaves the room, and readjusted when they return.

The hotel staff can have the ability to control each room’s configuration from a web browser on the PC at the front desk. Additionally, staff members can choose some music based on the profile of the guest, to be playing when the guest first enters their room.

By utilizing the existing LAN as the backbone for the audio system, the hotel can see a significant cost savings , while providing a rich user interface and a system that could easily be modified by hotel guests and staff alike. Additionally, thanks to the intelligence in every SpeakerLinX™ IP-Based amplifier/ room controller of the DigiLinX™ system, as new rooms can be outfitted and plugged into the LAN, the overall system capabilities would grow, without requiring the existing system to be reprogrammed or taken off-line for any reason.