Success Story: Home Properties


The Scenario: As travel costs rise and environmental concerns grow, more organizations seek to conduct meetings between employees, customers, clients and satellite offices via teleconferencing. An example of this, Home Properties (a Real Estate Investment Trust) based in Rochester, New York. Home Properties approached AV Solutions, a provider of teleconferencing system, with a challenge, provide a teleconferencing system that:

  • Allows groups in different locations to communicate naturally, as if they were in the same room.

  • Is simple to use

  • Works every time

  • Does not get in the way of other meeting activities

  • Does not affect the comfort of the meeting room

  • Supports audio function beyond conferencing like the playback of other audio sources

The Challenge: Many teleconferencing systems require unsightly equipment and cords, expense setup and maintenance, constant fiddling and tweaking plus a steep learning curve to configure and use. These factors do not provide an image of elegance and transparency that is often desired. What most organizations want is a robust conferencing system that provides power, flexibility, reliability and extraordinary sound quality combined with a look that compliments their meeting room and blend into the background. This was the challenge put to AV Solutions. Home Properties simply wanted what many other businesses have been asking all along: Form, features and functionality in an environment that suit business and aesthetic requirements.

The Solution: After reviewing Home Properties requirements and surveying the meeting room, AV Solutions recommended a system customized to meet their needs. This system consisted of low profile table microphones, ceiling mounted loudspeakers, a gooseneck microphone at a podium, a wireless presenter’s microphone and a custom programmed touchscreen control system.

ClearOne Equipment Included:

  • ClearOne Converge Pro 880 Professional Conferencing System
  • ClearOne Converge Pro 8i Professional Conferencing Input Expansion System

  • ClearOne Converge Pro TH-20 Professional Conferencing Telephone Interface

The Reason: AV Solution’s choice for the audio system came from many years of experience. ClearOne product’s were selected by them due to repeated success in using them, even in the most difficult of acoustic spaces and the innovation and quality of the Converge Pro systems. Other key factors included:

  • Excellent technical support available by phone and by region Field Engineers from the equipment manufacture.

  • Online Resources – manuals, technical documentation, software, white papers, training and forums all available and-up to-date

  • ClearOne Training that not only covers how to program their systems, but also audio conferencing system design fundamentals.