Success Story: Boston-based law firm

When a national, Boston-based law firm recently moved its corporate headquarters, it was faced with several challenges with respect to equipping the new facility with audio conferencing equipment.

First, it needed a cost-effective, high-quality solution for attorneys’ offices and small conference rooms that would require little or no technical support. It also needed a system that could interface with the firm’s digital telephone system so that attorneys could track billable minutes. In addition, the offices and conference rooms, with their high ceilings, were not conducive to wiring, and the firm didn’t want to deal with messy cabling issues.

ClearOne’s MAX™ Wireless turned out to be the perfect solution as it provides superior sound quality compared to competing products, is easy to install and requires little, if any, technical support. In addition, it was the only product among those considered that was wireless, which solved the firm’s concerns with cabling. Integrating the analog MAX Wireless with the firm’s digital telephone network posed a minor challenge that was quickly resolved by using a digital-to-analog converter with each phone.

The law firm now uses MAX Wireless in nearly 20 conference rooms and the offices of approximately 100 attorneys.