Digital Signage for Worship


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Digital Signage is a good way to inform visitors of upcoming activities and meetings as well as broadcasting the service itself.

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Churches are beginning to adopt Digital Signage as a form of communication to keep parishioners updated on weekly activities. Many houses of worship are busy throughout the week with both church related and community related activities. Since most churches do not already have Cable or Closed Circuit TV Systems in place, it is common to install Plasma or LCD panels for a Digital Signage application.

With 4 video inputs, some facilities will run a video signal of the service into the back of an Aavelin Unit. The Aavelin can pass the video of the service through a scalable window that also allows for crawl lines and other graphics to be displayed on the screen. This output is then run to monitors throughout the facility so that viewers in areas like the lobby or day care facility can see a service being conducted in the main sanctuary.