Digital Signage for Retail & Mall Advertising

Retail & Mall Advertising

Targeted Messages and Advertising Updated Real Time

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Digital Signage is starting to replace traditional signage in retail environments. Although the initial capital investment cost to install Digital Signage Players and Software is more expensive than traditional print advertising, that cost can be quickly amortized in some applications. The cost of constantly updating high quality print advertising can become very expensive.

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With Digital Signage, updating a poster-sized screen has virtually no cost other than design changes to the content itself. There is no mailing, distribution, or printing costs. Content can easily be updated many times a day. Content can also be targeted to play at specific times to reach specific demographic groups. In a Mall, media stores and hip clothing stores can target students in the 3:00PM to 5:00PM after school slot, while department stores or the food court might run content targeted at families on the weekends.

Digital Signage in retail environments must also provide the ability to log when pages are played and with what frequency. This information can be matched up with retail sales activity to see if the advertising is having its desire effect. Digital Signage is here to stay in the retail environment.