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PEG Channels have been around for almost as long as Cable TV. Public, Education, and Government Channels are sometimes separate channels while in some communities they are combined. It is a function of franchise negotiations with the cable company and available channel space.

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While most PEG Access is confined to distribution on a specific channel, more and more of these facilities are beginning to embrace new streaming technology. Live community and town council meetings can now be streamed to a device for both future playback and simultaneously distribution via IPTV. A video feed going into a streaming encoder can put out an IP stream that can be picked up live by anyone on the network who is running a program such as Videolans VLC Software decoder program. As networks continue to grow, more and more people will have access to content distributed over IP.

A lot of PEG Channels will also take a live video feed and run in through a Character Generator such as the Aavelin. They will run the live fed through the system in a scalable window allowing them to display additional graphics on the screen. In either case, they can maintain crawl lines over top of that incoming video.

In the PEG Access market, the term Digital Signage is not generally used. There are exceptions in locations such as K-12 schools. These facilities will use cable infrastructure that the local cable company has provided. The content is then displayed on Plasma or LCD's in common areas using a composite video signal output.

Existing Aavelin Customers

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  • BBB Communications
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