Digital Signage for Hospitality


Let Your Guests Know That You Care With Digital Signage

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Digital Signage is finally starting to catch on in many hotels and resorts. The business of hospitality is to provide a comfortable environment away from home for their guests. Many hotels and resorts are starting to see the value of having their own Digital Signage System in a lobby or on a dedicated information channel.


Hotels and resorts are in a unique position in that they have a captive audience for a relatively short period. This gives the hotel the opportunity to provide information about in house services as well as advertising local businesses.

Selling advertising or allowing for sponsorship of a channel can be a good solution for the hotel, the guest, and the advertiser. The guest is provided information about local services such as restaurants, dry cleaners, and local attractions. Local businesses can market to the "new" and often infrequent guests who would not otherwise know about them. The hotel can generate an income stream by selling this advertising and offsetting the cost of the Digital Signage Solution.

Existing Aavelin Customers

  • Back Bay Hilton - Boston
  • Hyatt Resorts
  • Wyndham Rosehall Resort