Digital Signage for Healthcare


Patient and Visitor Information Is Critical

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Digital Signage in hospitals and health care facilities centers on patients, staff, and visitors. Many hospitals have very advanced patient information programs.

Often a series of channels will be dedicated to informing patients about recovery from cardiac events, diabetes, and other chronic health issues that require long-term changes in behavior to ensure successful recoveries. These channels help patients and family members learn techniques and recovery skills via short video programs that are aired at specific times each day. Between these programs, information such as visiting hours, cafeteria menus and general information is displayed.

Some hospitals will have Digital Signage in place specifically for staff. A hospital might have a large number of meetings for staff and visitors each month. This is especially true for teaching facilities. A hospital that has a large number of meetings might manage those meetings and the assets affiliated with those meetings, such as rooms and projectors or other AV equipment, through Event Management System software. Companies like PeopleCube sell software database programs for managing this process. A Digital Signage Solution can interface with these types of programs. Each time a meeting is added, updated, or changed, that information is automatically displayed on a Plasma or LCD monitor in a common area. This database interface is a very powerful tool and takes information that would normally only be available in a PC application and displays it for a much larger audience via Digital Signage.

Existing Aavelin Customers

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  • Aurora Healthcare
  • VA Hospital
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