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Government agencies on every level including local, state, and federal all have requirements for Digital Signage. On a local level, Digital Signage is used outside of courtrooms and in city halls to communicate meetings, court dates, and even to educate the public. State and County Governments have used Digital Signage to inform visitors of job listings and training classes at employment centers.

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In New York's Nassau County, the employment agency utilizes Digital Signage to inform visitors and to direct them to the proper rooms within the facility. Information such as a visitor's name and vocational interest are entered into a database. Once the visitor's meeting room and vocational counselor are ready, that meeting information shows up on the plasma display and directs the visitor to the proper location. The federal government also utilizes Digital Signage in large, public buildings to inform and educate. Often in a welcome lobby, general information is displayed along with a cable channel such as CNN running in a window.

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  • Food and Drug Administration
  • United States Department of Agriculture
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