Digital Signage for Restaurant Dining & Sports Bars

Restaurant Dining & Sports Bars

Give Your Hot Spot Patrons the Information They Need


Restaurants are beginning to embrace Digital Signage as a way of enhancing their image, the overall atmosphere, and increasing revenue. Digital Signage can also be used to keep customers entertained while they wait for a table.

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For a high-end restaurant, a Digital Signage System allows a restaurant to promote dinner specials and high margin items such as appetizers, cocktails, and the wine selection. These are some of the most profitable items on the menu.

In a sports bar installation, Digital Signage can be especially powerful. Monitors that are displaying a highly anticipated sporting event will garner many eyeballs. By passing the video signal through a player such as the Aavelin in a scalable window, that leaves the rest of the screen real estate available for messaging and advertising. Logos can be scheduled to play in a corner, sponsorships can be run in a crawl line and a Macromedia Flash Ad can run to the side of the window as well. Often times a supplier to the dining/sports bar facility will divert coop-advertising dollars to an ad on a video display instead of spending that money on a table tent or other form of print advertising.

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