Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Professional Signage for your Lobby and Boardroom


A Digital Signage Solution is a great way to communicate with both employees and potential customers. A MagicBox Digital Signage Solution ensures that your message will be both seen and noticed.

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Employee Information Channel: Communicate with your employees in a way that is effective, entertaining, and efficient. Bulk emails and traditional bulletin boards are often overlooked. A modern communication channel not only attracts attention and generates interest, but allows for much more dynamic presentations using tools like Macromedia Flash and RSS Data Feeds.

Lobby Display: For the majority of visitors to your company, one of their first impressions will be your lobby. An impressive Digital Lobby Signage Solution will make a positive impact. This is an opportunity to introduce your company, educate your customer on products and services you offer and entertain them. These systems can also welcome and inform employees.

Breakroom TV: Another common installation of Corporate Digital Signage is in employee break rooms or cafeterias. Both of these locals are ideal for presenting information to a captive audience. For example, you can pass a TV or Satellite signal through an Aavelin Unit in a window with the result being picture in picture. The rest of the screen not being taken up by the video window can display employee information. With CNN or ESPN passing through and playing in a window, you can still maintain overlay regions (crawl lines). This is an effective way to both entertain and inform viewers.

Building Directories: Many stone and granite building directories are being replaced with Digital Signage Solutions. These solutions are flexible and becoming much more cost effective. A high resolution LCD panel tied into a Database allows the building management to quickly update the list of tenants in a building. This type of display also opens the door to advertising or sponsorship on the display which can be a way of funding the cost. Flash is a good way for companies to quickly introduce themselves via a short 5-10 second flash animation displayed on a dedicated area of the screen.

Existing Aavelin Customers

  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Heinz Corporation
  • Dupont
  • Electronic Arts