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The banking industry has been one of the earlier adopters of Digital Signage Technology. The primary goals most banks seek to accomplish with Digital Signage are

  • Promote the Bank brand
  • Promote specific high margin products
  • Educate the customer on bank services
  • Entertain customers while they wait in line for service
  • Reduce the perceived wait time by giving the customer something to engage them.

A common set up is to have a cable or satellite channel passing through the Aavelin in a window. Often this channel is CNN or some other news source. At the same time, promotions on credit card offerings or loan consolidation are run in the crawl lines. Macromedia Flash Animation can be scheduled to run at recurring intervals to promote specific products or to brand the image of the bank. This set up has caught on because it is fast and easy to update, flexible, and effective.

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