Digital Signage for Athletic Clubs

Athletic Clubs & Gyms

Give Your Facility the Signage It Needs

A dynamic information channel can enhance an athletic club member's experience. Digital Signage can be used to promote specific classes and activities. Pages are scheduled to remind members that a Yoga class will begin in 5 minutes or it may display the hours of the in-house daycare facility. Learn More.

Some athletic clubs use Digital Signage as a revenue generator by selling sponsorship or ads on a channel. Often cardio equipment has a video monitor attached, which can be hooked into the in-house cable system. When members are using a piece of exercise equipment, they are truly a captive audience.

One MagicBox athletic club customer has 12 channels to choose from on a piece of cardio equipment. Ten channels are cable TV; one is a camera, which is fed from the day care center; and the last channel is the club information channel. At the top and bottom of every hour, a sponsorship advertisement is triggered to run on the information channel. The system includes a PIP (picture in picture) device by made by Kramer. The channel that the club member is watching is routed through the PIP device and is displayed in a window while the ad plays on the rest of the screen. With this setup, the club owner is able to sell advertising while still providing the club member the specific channel that they chose to watch. The ad is seen on all 12 channels.

Existing Aavelin Customers:

  • Mountainside Fitness
  • Golds Gym