TouchLinX TLA250

LEGACY:This product is no longer in production and we cannot provide support.

Text-based in-wall touch-screen controller – linked keypad DigiLinX system control

The TouchLinX TLA250 is ideal for zones requiring exceptional audio quality without a full color touch screen. The text-based OLED screen provides metadata, control of the zone, and IP intercom for the zone with built-in, vTuner internet radio.









  • Decentralized Architecture

    • Each TLA250 contains hardware and software for decoding TCP/IP audio packets for each zone, decentralizing amplifier

    • Closer placement of amplifier to speaker minimizes signal loss, creates better sound from smaller amplifiers

  • Intuitive Control

    • OLED display capable of displaying white text on a black background

    • Text-based metadata provides intuitive control screens for users

    • Easy-to-use, capacitive touch buttons under anti-glare glass faceplate

  • Digital Signal Processor and Amplifier

    • Using an Apogee Technology Class-D amplifier and a Texas Instruments digital signal processor and a BURR-BROWN DAC's a TLA250 can provide superior clarity and control of the audio signal. Each TLA250 is capable of supporting 2 channels at 50 watts per channel at 4 ohms.

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase