SpeakerLinX® IP amplifier/zone controller – incorporating IP decoding and simplified control interface

VIEW SLX300 StreamNet 2-channel digital amplifier with built-in web server

The VIEW SLX300 is a StreamNet-connected, 2-channel digital amplifier with a built-in web server for easy control. Built-in IP decoding features and 100 watts per channel make the SLX300 perfect for installed AV systems with multi-room control requirements.




Digital crossover for IP-ready speakers and an EIM interface make the SLX300 compatible with external amplifiers and a variety of audio sources. Inputs and Outputs allow the use of long cabling while reducing external noise susceptibility. A 4-band graphic equalizer, 12 selectable DSP presets and D-A conversion are all a part of the easy-to-use browser interface, giving you full control of your installed AV system.

Superior audio and video performance

  • Balanced audio I/O and EIM interface allows longer cable use without external noise susceptibility

  • StreamNet technology syncs output across multiple endpoints and zones

Compatibility and ease-of-use

  • Balanced audio I/O and EIM interface for compatibility with external amplifiers and audio sources

  • Simplified configuration software

  • Stream local input audio to other zones

  • Simplified browser interface


WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase