MediaLinX MLAV9300

IP AV encoder – streaming audio and both SD and HD video across the network with a virtually unlimited number of sources

MLAV9300 Audio Video encoder, ClearOne IP network

The MLAV300 provides real-time encoding of audio and video signals from legacy video sources into TCP/IP packets.




Uncompressed AV streams can them be distributed and synchronized over the VIEW network delivering the highest quality with the lowest latency at data rates of up to 1Gbps.

Audio and video data are reproduced with industry-leading accuracy across the network. PerfectPixel™ technology insures reliable delivery of video data and ensures all packets are delivered over the network, resulting in pixel-for-pixel, high definition video. A 96kHz/24-bit BURR-BROWN analog-to-digital converter increases accuracy of audio replication.  

Superior audio and video performance

  • ClearOne’s StreamNet™ technology keeps each zone synchronized within 500 microseconds, preventing echo and maintaining audio/video synch
  • Burr-Brown® 96kHz/24-bit analog to digital converter provides crystal-clear audio translation
  • Distributed architecture spreads processing power throughout the network for high-capacity, digital audio and video streaming without slowing
  • Full HD 1080p
  • SD and HD Video Encoding
  • Uncompressed and Compressed Video Encoding Options

Unmatched flexibility and compatibility

  • Virtually unlimited displays with the ability to scale by one
  • Unmatched source compatibility with Analog and Digital (HDMI) Audio Outputs to work with any legacy system
  • Source control using RS-232, or IP
  • SD and HD video decoding
    • On-screen User Interface
    • Complete media room control capabilities
    • StreamNet connected


WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase