MediaLinX MLAV300

IP video encoder – integrating legacy audio and video sources into your DigiLinX system

The MediaLinX MLAV300 provides real-time encoding of audio and video signals from legacy video sources into TCP/IP packets.




Uncompressed AV streams can then be distributed and synchronized over the DigiLinX home network delivering the highest quality with the lowest latency at data rates of up to 1Gbps.

Audio and video data are reproduced with industry-leading accuracy across the network. NetStreams PerfectPixel™ technology ensures reliable delivery of video data and ensures all packets are delivered over the network, resulting in pixel-for-pixel, high definition video. A 96kHz / 24-bit BURR-BROWN analog-to-digital converter increases accuracy of audio replication.  


  • Distribute uncompressed HD Video and surround sound over a TCP/IP network

  • Real-time conversion of one (1) component, composite,  S-Video or VGA video signal, and one (1) stereo analog and digital S/PDIF audio signal from a video source into TCP/IP uncompressed audio/video streams

  • Format conversion across like resolutions: Composite to S-Video, S-Video to Component or vice versa

  • BURR-BROWN™ 24-bit / 96kHz  Analog-to-Digital(A/D) converters

  • Power management sensor for Video, LED, or Level sensing of video sources for audio playback

  • Integrated IR receiver

  • IR/RS-232 (two-way) control of sources (cable included)

  • Includes three contact closures - two function as output contact closures and one functions as a circuit closure  detector

  • NTSC and PAL capable

  • Future upgradeable firmware

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase