MediaLinX MLA9101

IP audio encoder - the gateway for audio to flow into the network, providing a mechanism for one-way and two-way control

MLA9101 Audio encoder for StreamNet IP networks with ClearOne

A VIEW MLA 9101 at each audio source encodes and distributes audio across the network as an efficient, lossless IP stream.


Designed to translate older, legacy audio sources into digital content, the MLA9101 also provides a mechanism for one-way and two-way control, gathering metadata and power management from the source. ClearOne StreamNet® technology synchs each network endpoint within 500 microseconds, preventing any echo effect across zones.

Simplify the installation and amount of hardware required for large, multi-zone systems and experience the Power of AV over IP.

Superior audio performance

  • ClearOne’s StreamNet™ technology keeps each zone synchronized within 500 microseconds, preventing echo and maintaining audio/video synch

  • Burr-Brown® 96kHz/24-bit analog to digital converter provides crystal-clear audio translation

  • High capacity, digital signal processing handles all your audio streaming without slowing

Flexibility and compatibility

  • Decentralized architecture

  • Virtually unlimited sources with the ability to scale by one

  • Versatile audio encoder with multiple audio input options to work with any legacy system

  • Flexible mounting options to match your needs

  • Integrated IR receiver for IR learning

  • Superior source control and power management sensor

  • StreamNet connected for use with other VIEW components

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase