KL1R IR Remote Control

LEGACY:This product is no longer in production and we cannot provide support.

IR Remote control – easily controlling of your DigiLinX audio system

The KL1R is a hand-held, 10-button remote control with back-lit (blue) LCD for function feedback. This remote control is intended to extend the functions of a DigiLinX KL101, KL201, or Musica keypad, providing IR control of the NetStreams KeyLinX KL101 and KL201 In-Wall keypads and the IRLinX IR Receiver.





  • Control DigiLinX with IR from up to 30 feet

  • Large, easy to use 10 button keypad

  • Backlit LED screen with button press feedback

  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries

  • Works with StreamNet®KeyLinX In-Wall Keypads and IRLinX IR Receiver


WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase