IRLinX Adapter – IR to Cat5 conversion for IR control of your DigiLinX system

The NetStreams IRLinX (IRL1) is an infrared to CAT5 receiver that provides for IR control of the DigiLinX system. Perfect for applications where TouchLinX is being used and   IR control of the system is desired, the IRL1 features a small form factor allowing for maximum flexibility in IR receiver placement. 




The IRL1 connects via CAT5 cables to NetStreams Expansion Interface Module (EIM) enabled devices, including KeyLinX and SpeakerLinX, and can be placed up to 65 feet from the EIM Device. The IR receiver (included with the package) can be mounted either horizontally (on top of a cabinet) or vertically (on a display or screen), providing for versatile placement options, and can receive frequencies of 38kHz or 52kHz.  NetStreams IRLinX is plasma-friendly, meaning it can be mounted on or near a plasma display without causing or receiving excessive interference.

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase