ControLinX CL9100

DigilinX ControLinX  connects to other sub-systems, providing a means of not only controlling audio from the touchscreen, but also controlling lighting, HVAC, security and other subsystems.  DigiLinX provides the processor and the interface to these systems using IR, RS-232, or IP.  By connecting to other systems and controlling them from one user interface, the project maintains a consistent look and feel.







  • Multi-Protocol Interface    

  • Third Party Drivers    

  • Common Interface

  • Mounting Options

  • Included Drivers    

  • StreamNet® Connected


Multi-Protocol Interface
ControLinX provides a bridge to other systems (Lighting, HVAC, Security...) using either IR, RS-232, or IP as a communication protocol.  IR or RS-232 control is ideal in situations that only require one way communications, while RS-232 and IP are perfect for systems that need two-way control for feedback. As newer IP systems become available DIGILINX is already positioned to take advantage of their IP connectivity.

Third Party Drivers
DigiLinX uses an open source scripting language called LUA for drivers.  These drivers are used to "teach" the ControLinX how to communicate with other systems in RS-232 or IP.  Many drivers have already been included and more are added regularly.   Documentation is available for those who need to write custom driver files.

Unified Interface
Using DigiLinX as a platform to integrate multiple systems allows one interface to control many systems.  It is no longer necessary to have separate audio/video, lighting, HVAC, and security keypads on a wall.  

Mounting Options
While not all systems controllers are conveniently located in the same area, all ControLinX requires is a Cat5 connection to the DigiLinX Ethernet switch allowing it be mounted where it is convenient.  Two ControLinX can fit into 1U of rack space using a ClearOne Binding Plate.  Mounting plates are included that allow the ControLinX to be mounted onto a wall or ceiling.  The chassis can also be used freestanding.

Included Drivers
Custom LUA drivers can be written to allow a ControLinX to interface with a variety of subsystems, but in many cases this is not necessary.  DigiLinX already includes several pre-written drivers that are built into DigiLinX StreamNet Application Suite/dealer setup.  These drivers make it easy to integrate and serve as examples for custom drivers. 
(check the ClearOne website as new drivers are added regularly):

  • Lutron RadioRA®

  • Lutron Homeworks®

  • Lutron GraphiK Eye®

  • Aprilaire®

  • GE Concord®

  • Vantage®

  • Secant®

  • Mode Lighting

  • Rako

  • Sensible Heat

  • Furtonix®

  • Helvar

  • Leax

  • Konnex EIB (lighting only)

  • NetStreams Panorama®

StreamNet Connected
ClearOne Patent-pending StreamNet Technology provides the backbone for DIGILINX.  StreamNet technology ensures that audio between all zones are within 500 microseconds of each other, StreamNet Connected devices work seamlessly together, and can be updated in the future as new features become available.

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase