VIEW® Virtual Matrix Software


The VIEW Virtual Matrix gives a simple view of your StreamNet system on a single page providing simple source & destination selection options & control options for StreamNet encoders & decoders







  • Software 

  • Complements StreamNet® projects by adding a control option through any connected Microsoft Windows 7 OS computers

  • Performs auto discovery of the connected StreamNet products ; representing them in the matrix view

  • Users can easily choose & control the connected encoder (source) & decoder (destination)

  • Now StreamNet system can be controlled from our touch panels, AMX/Crestron/Stardraw devices using our modules, Apple devices using iLinX/iLinXHD paid application along with this free VVM software for Windows

  • VVM cannot run simultaneously with StreamNet Dealer setup software on a Windows 7 machine

  • VIEW Virtual Matrix Software provides the user with simple and single screen control for an entire StreamNet deployment