ClearOne’s VIEW® Pro PANORAMA™ is a video-composition and video-wall layout configuration software license for the VIEW Pro network media system.  
  • Provides a flexible solution to combine multiple video streams for viewing on one or more displays in any layout combination.
  • Minimizes the need for additional rack space, power and cabling.
  • Scales with you - purchase only what functions you need, when you need them.
  • Avoids the purchase and maintenance of additional video processing equipment.
  • PANORAMA is a software license feature for Video Composition, Video Wall for VIEW Pro.
  • Works with VIEW Pro Encoder E120, VIEW Pro Decoder D110, and VIEW Pro Decoder D210.
  • One-time software license per device.
  • Works with all licensed VIEW Pro Encoders and Decoders
  • Combines multiple source images for single display output
  • Combines different source types or formats into single display output
  • Maintains aspect ratio or crop image
  • Displays portion of video for multi-displays or video-wall applications
  • Easy-to-use PC/MAC software allows WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) layouts for composition, windowing, and video-wall layouts
  • Allows users to easily combine multiple input sources for video wall or picture-within-picture screen viewing
  • Allows saving and reuse of popular video layouts
  • Supports online and offline configuration modes

Sample Diagrams

Encoder Composition

Decoder Composition

Combined Composition

Video Wall

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