VIEW® Multimedia Receiver

The VIEW Multimedia Receiver software (VMR) is a program interface that can be run on a PC or laptop running Microsoft Windows 7. VMR is a software program that allows you to receive StreamNet compressed multimedia streams from StreamNet encoder devices such as the MLAV9500, or any audio streaming input from a SpeakerLinX or ViewLinX device.

  • Software - Download Here (password required)

  • Use the Software Decoder application on a Windows 7 PC/laptop to receive a compressed stream

  • Reuse an existing PC/laptop to receive Enterprise Streaming contents using StreamNet network

  • Helpful in data centers, office environments where users want to see & listen contents directly at their desk

  • Can run on ClearOne COLLABORATE ALL-IN-ONE, utilize the platform effectively during times when it is not used for its primary purpose of conferencing

  • VMR software finds the connected StreamNet encoders/sources automatically in the same LAN segment and lists them. User can choose any compressed stream from the list

  • Provides simple local control: Play, Stop, Full screen, Always-on-top, Volume up, Volume down, Mute