IP zone controller/amplifier – mounts on or adjacent to speakers with 4 built-in amplifiers for complete control from any web-enabled device

The SL254 module combines the power of IP-controlled amplifiers and a web server for complete control with any web-enabled device. The SL254 delivers unbelievable audio clarity and definition typically reserved for expensive, audiophile component systems. The 4x25-watt Class-D amplifier is located right at the speaker, minimizing power and damping losses. A built-in 4-band graphic equalizer with 12 DSP presets and crossover for IP-ready speakers add the final touches to this powerful system.

Superior audio and video performance

  • Burr-Brown® 96kHz/24-bit analog to digital converter provides crystal-clear audio translation

  • Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Flexible mounting options

  • 4x25W Apogee® Class-D amplifier to customize sound for the unique needs of each zone

  • ClearOne’s StreamNet® technology keeps each zone synchronized so that all rooms play within 500 microseconds of each other preventing an echo effect.

Scalability and Usability

  • Supports IP-ready speakers, handling crossover/EQ before amplification, defined by type of IP-ready speaker

  • TCP/IP distribution makes zone limitations obsolete – each SL254 functions as just another device on the network with multicast capabilities to manage network traffic

  • The included EIM (Expansion Interface Module) allows the SL254 to interface with local audio sources and external amplifiers

  • Simplified configuration software

  • Streams local audio to other zones

  • Decentralized network and ability to support unlimited zones to match your unique needs

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase