Room Schedule Solutions Fully Automated

RoomRoster™ is a great turnkey all-in-one solution for displaying updated event schedules automatically pulled from a data source or for showing product information where there is no room for a large display. The unit comes with a fully enclosed display surrounded by its rugged and sleek frame.  Also included is our EZ-Stream database integration software which controls the automation of data.  With EZ-Stream, you can display your room schedules and other information in real-time. EZ-Stream will pull your information from a data source into a template that you design.

Powered by EZ-Stream

EZ-Stream is a report design and database integration application that allows you to display information coming from a dynamic data source on your RoomRoster™ system without re-typing or re-entering your information.

Core Features

  • 5.7" display with built in MagicBox media player

  • Automatically display event schedules, statistics or other information from virtually any data source.

  • Power Over Ethernet provides for simpler installation.

  • Comes bundled with EZ-Stream software.


WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase