It's Time to Expect More From Your Video Messaging System

The Memo sits in the middle of the pack of the MagicBox products. This model is easy to operate and ideal for getting your message out there fast. It has a logo and static region overlay features that give it that extra pizazz.


Memo. Simple to use.

Memo is designed to help you get up to speed and on the air quickly. Fully-featured and competitively priced, Memo offers exceptional quality video output to go along with the features you need.

Keep things simple with Memo Composer.

Easily add text, graphics, station ID or other static overlay messages, date & time display, logo bug, and more. Simple scheduling of your content ensures that no one sees a "Happy New Years" message in August.


  • Create content on your PC and publish it to the Memo via the Ethernet

  • Content includes text, images, static overlay region for text messages & time/date.

  • Controlled remotely via bundled Composer software

  • Logo bug overlay for branding or station ID

  • Low cost & easy to use


  • Video Outputs:  1 Composite, 1 S-Video (by request), 1 VGA 
  • Video Inputs:  None 
  • Audio Inputs:  Not used 
  • Audio Outputs:  Not used 
  • Other Ports:  10/100 Ethernet, 2 x Serial, 5 x USB, 2 x PS/2 
  • Video Modes Standard (4:3): 640x480 & 800x600
  • Anamorphic Widescreen (16:9): 852x480 & 1066x60


Memo Composer Software

Use Memo Composer software to create,
schedule and manage your content.