FBX 1210 Feedback Exterminator

FBX Feedback Exterminators have set the standard for transparent and reliable automatic feedback control.

The power of the FBX with SMARTFilters lies in its ability to control feedback during the program, placing a filter that only kills the feedback, not the sound and power you work so hard to achieve.




The industry's best digital signal processors that run the SMARTFilter algorithm give the new FBX1210 a distinct speed advantage over all other automatic feedback controllers. And in Setup Mode the speed is increased, so you can complete your entire setup of the FBX in less than 30 seconds. The 24-bit FBX is constantly on the watch for feedback, with filters placed almost immediately (in 0.4 seconds at 1 KHz.)

Speed of feedback elimination, shown as amplitude over time: The top chart shows the speed of a competitor. Note slow reaction time and longer time to eliminate the feedback. The bottom section shows the much faster FBX.




The FBX has always excelled in its ability to make the right decision, and the new SMARTFilter technology makes it even better. Less-sophisticated feedback controllers place filters on any loud tone, but the FBX uses a patented analysis of the harmonic content of your program material. Because feedback is low in harmonics, and music and speech are rich in harmonics, the FBX is able to make the correct and accurate answer to the music or feedback question.

Bright, multi-color filter display
You have complete control of the mix between filter types (see the Fixed and Dynamic Filter box above), and the bright, three-color LED display shows you your filter status at all times – you can see it from across the room!

Filter quality: True Constant Q filters maintain width at any depth when measured at the -3 dB power point. Sabine uses this most rigorous method for computing filter width.





Many feedback controllers place their filters in the general vicinity of the feedback and then widen the filters until the feedback goes away. The FBX uses a more sophisticated solution.; centering the filter exactly on the frequency that is feeding back. This unique one-Hertz resolution enables the FBX to control feedback with transparent filters that are ten times narrower than graphic equalizer filters. Feedback frequencies are single tones, with almost 20,000 places for them to occur in the audio spectrum. 

Sonic integrity
Sabine’s innovative approach to digital filtering is unique in the industry, with far less phase distortion and a smoother response. Sabine filters maintain their integrity at all depths, providing true Constant Q performance.

Faster setup
The FBX1210 gives you the easiest, fastest, and quietest setup procedure. In less than 30 seconds you will be ready to begin audio conferencing or distribution, and the whole process is so quiet you can almost do it without anyone knowing it is happening!