Content on Demand Software

Remote Updates and Content Master Controls

E-Blast Software

E-Blast software is a handy application for sending messages to your Digital Signage system that needs to be created & seen quickly. This opens a vital channel for a variety of departments to communicate effectively and quickly with their viewing audience.

Ideal for school administrators to notify their students and staff of severe weather or campus incidents, Fire Departments posting information on fires or traffic accidents, or the Mayor’s office issuing information on civil emergencies



  • Simple to operate from your desktop PC

  • Content quickly created from templates

  • “Blast” to the Aavelin via Ethernet

  • Single page or crawl line

  • Single system or multiple systems at once


  • Images Supported: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF

  • Image Resolution:  640x480 

  • Remote Connections:  Ethernet Required 

  • OS: Windows XP /Vista / 7

  • HDD Requirements: 30 MB

  • Content Location: : Crawl Region or Full page



E-Blast is a separate application from the standard Aavelin Composer that is simple to operate and sits on the desktop of a PC. Content may be quickly created from a set of templates and then “blasted” to the Aavelin unit via an Ethernet

  • The content may be single pages or a crawl line

  • Schedule the content to both trigger and expire at specific times