CONNECT Bluetooth - Beta


CONNECT Bluetooth is a convenient, portable, USB adaptor that brings Bluetooth connectivity to ClearOne personal, premium, and professional audio products without the need to replace existing hardware. This affordable solution turns Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets into high quality, group conferencing solutions with ClearOne audio.


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CONNECT Bluetooth enables mobile devices to connect directly to ClearOne audio products to make mobile calls

CONNECT Bluetooth provides audio bridging capability that can connect PC voice/video applications and mobile phone calls into a unified group conference

Compatible ClearOne Audio  Products

  • CHAT®  Speakerphones & headsets
  • INTERACT®  Mixers, through INTERACT COM
  • CONVERGE®  Mixers, through CONVERGE USB

Supports popular PC voice or video applications

  •     ClearOne Spontania
  •     Cisco Jabber®, WebEx®
  •     Citrix® GoToMeeting
  •     Google Hangout
  •     IBM Sametime®
  •     Microsoft Lync®  and Skype™
  •     and many others


CONNECT Bluetooth Part Number -910-4500-001