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The CONNECT Dante network bridge provides networked audio distribution capability to CONVERGE® Pro and SR products.  Dante is a flexible Internet Protocol (IP) and Ethernet based audio network technology. 

A modular approach to networking allows use of Dante standards as needed with CONNECT™ network bridges.








  • 8 x 8 I/O audio extends system boundaries, transmitting audio channels through network
  • Extends system boundaries by transmitting audio through network
  • Supports all CONVERGE PRO and CONVERGE SR family of products
  • Connects with CONVERGE products via Link ports
  • Supports 8x8 Dante Audio Channels
  • Makes CONVERGE PRO and SR units work with CONVERGE MATRIX for audio mixing, routing, distribution
  • No audio processing performed in the bridge
  • Provides digital audio interface to CONVERGE products
  • Modular approach allows to build scalable system over time
  • Compatible with other Dante devices
  • AVB ready & AES67 ready (compatible through Dante's future firmware upgrade)

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase