CONNECT Network Bridge

CONNECT CobraNet - Now shipping!

The CONNECTTM CobraNet® bridge provide networked audio for CONVERGE® Pro devices without changing main mixer hardware.


A modular approach to networking allows use of CobraNet standards as needed with CONNECT network bridges.






  • 8 x 8 I/O audio extends system boundaries, transmitting audio channels through network
  • Works with all CONVERGE Pro and CONVERGE SR products
  • Modular approach allows you to build your system over time
  • Acts as an end-point device for the network, with up to 8 units on each G-link bus
  • Configuration through familiar CONVERGE Console software
  • Firmware upgradable through CONVERGE Pro G-link
  • Compact, 1/3 RU size
  • Update CobraNet bridges at any time, without affecting main mixers or audio processing
  • Firmware upgrades complete from CONVERGE Pro unit through G-link port

Works with CONVERGE Pro and CONVERGE SR products via the G-link port

  • Using the latest firmware and software, the CONNECT bridge keeps the network updated without any changes in main mixer hardware
  • Simple installation through CONVERGE Pro G-link port
  • Configuration done through CONVERGE Pro unit with familiar and easy-to-use CONVERGE Console software

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase