Wireless presentation

COLLABORATE® Share is a wireless presentation solution designed to address challenges in meeting rooms and classrooms by converging in-room presentations and videoconferencing seamlessly into a single box. This unified solution turns your meeting rooms into a face-to-face collaborative environment, whether the participants are in-room or located anywhere globally.

Collaborate Share is available as a free software upgrade in COLLABORATE Pro 300, COLLABORATE Pro 600, and COLLABORATE Pro 900.


Multi-user wireless presentation

    Wirelessly display content from up to six devices on the room screens to allow meeting participants to share, compare and collaborate with each other.

Seamless videoconferencing

    Start videoconferencing, and share your in-room presentation; or begin with an in-room presentation and simply escalate to videoconferencing – all in a unified user interface.

Capture, record and stream

    Stream content live to remote viewers and record your in-room wireless presentations along with video and audio for future on-demand archiving and access.

View room display on your device

    Audiences no longer need to squint at a distant screen. The presentation is beamed straight to their devices giving freedom to watch in their preferred layouts.

Security and privacy

    Access codes keep your meeting secure, and you control what to share on-screen, ensuring nothing private is accidentally revealed.

Dual network support

    Guest users can present from the guest network; whereas corporate users can present from the corporate network at the same time.