For integrators & programmers who require a more in-depth, advanced experience with our products. These classes are held at our Salt Lake City office and ClearOne covers your lodging expenses.


Pro Audio Advanced Technical Specialist

CONVERGE® Pro 2 Hands-On Training Agenda:

Day One

12:00 PM  Lunch 

1:00 PM  Welcome & Review Agenda

1:15 PM  Review all the latest CONVERGE Pro 2 Mixers and Software

1:45 PM  Learn how to connect DSPs with C-Link and Peripheral devices with P-Link. Connect your laptop to the system, Auto Discover the mixers and perform firmware updates to the laptop and mixers, including:

  • CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP Mixers, all models
  • Beamforming Microphone Arrays
  • Wireless Microphones - WS800 & DIALOG® 20
  • USB Expanders
  • The Touch Panel Controller

2:45 PM  Break

3:00 PM  Class Project #1 - Build, Program, & Test a Basic Room Configuration

  • Learn CONSOLE Software Work Flow
  • Learn MatrixView for the complete system audio matrix
  • Learn FlowView for the visualized audio flow of the complete system
  • Learn how to optimize Gain Structure
  • Learn how to configure an analog (Telco) line and digital (VoIP) line
  • Learn how to configure USB audio for Computer Web-Conferencing applications
  • Suggestions for integrating to videoconferencing systems
  • Learn the importance of, and how to use Advanced Features including: 1st Mic Priority, Adaptive Ambience, and Feedback Elimination

4:00 PM Work with CONVERGE Pro 2 Pro Family of Peripherals:

  • Beamforming Microphone Array 2 - Learn how to optimize performance
  • DIALOG 20 - Learn how to program with Console for Frequency Optimizing, Naming, Gain, etc.
  • USB Expander - Learn how to expand your system capabilities by adding up to 3 USB Expanders to a single CONVERGE Pro DSP

5:00 PM  End of Day 1 - Optional Sunset Session in the Training Lab (For more questions, more practice, and mingling)

6:30 PM  Leave for off-site Dinner

Day Two 

7:00 AM  Optional Sunrise Session in Training Lab (For more, questions, more practice, and mingling) 

8:00 AM  Review & Questions

8:30 AM  Class Project #2 - Multi-Room System - Build, Program, & Test Room Combining setup

  • Learn how to create & use Input Groups, Output Groups, Processing Blocks, and Fader Blocks
  • Learn how to use CONSOLE Software to build Multi-Room, and room-Combining Systems
  • Learn how to set up Macros using Macro Record & Macro Wizard functions
  • Learn how to set up and use Presets to Reconfigure Individual Rooms or Room Combinations
  • Learn how to set up "Timers" to automatically schedule events such as 'Room set up for Conferencing'.

10:00 AM  Break

10:15 AM  Class Project #3 - Programming CONVERGE Pro 2 for Dante

  • Learn to setup a WS800-Dante Wireless Microphone System to work with CONVERGE Pro 2
  • Learn how to use the Dante Controller to route the Dante Channels to CONVERGE Pro 2
  • Learn how to route Dante Microphone Channels to the AEC processing for your conferencing applications.

11:00 AM  Program Controls in CONVERGE Pro 2

  • Learn the various ways to connect and power the Touch Panel Controller
  • Learn how to program the Touch Panel Controller functions:
    • Dialer, Telco, or VoIP
    • Volume Control
    • Muting
    • Custom Buttons for such things as Room Combining and Preset Recall

12:00 PM  End of Day 2: Lunch - Optional Afternoon Session in Training Lab (For more questions, more practice, and mingling)

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