Global Citizenship

Imagine What It's Like to Really Connect.

ClearOne's solutions improve the quality of life by allowing businesses, governments and other institutions to connect through natural, crystal-clear communication. As a company, we extend this concept of staying connected through our involvment in the global community. Over the years, we have established a set of core values which are expressed through various environmental and charitable causes with which we engage.

  • Going Green
    ClearOne's commitment to being a "green" organization incorporates several tenets of sustainability into all aspects of our business. Learn more here.
  • RoHS Compliance
    ClearOne recognizes the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. We do not intentionally manufacture products which do not meet this specification. Learn more here.
  • Product Recycling
    ClearOne recognizes the importance complying with the WEEE directive and provides information on this web site for the proper recovery and recycling of our products.