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 Post subject: 880T Mics Dropping In & Out
PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:00 am 

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We are using 2 880T's to support sound reinforcement, vtc, etc for a 60' x 40' room. There are 7 ceiling mics, 3 at the rear of the room, 2 at each of the sides. It's a suspended ceiling, 10' high. There are 5 floor mics, 2 desktop, 1 podium, and 2 lapel. All the mics are Audio Technica. The floor mics are in global group A, the ceiling mics are in B. There are 13 JBL-24CT ceiling speakers broken up into 8 speaker zones (driven by a QSC Amp). The matrix is set to route mic audio to speaker zones other than those close to the mics. The AEC is set to the zone nearest each mic.
We set the mic levels, set the speaker output levels, then started some testing. Found that the audio from the ceiling speakers was cutting in and out.
I suspect that what's happening is the Mic is gating once it detects the speakers voice at 15dB (our current Gating Ratio) above the Ambient Reference Level (ARL) and gates that mic on (along with up to 2 other mics that may already be gated on as we have the max mics in group set to 3). Since the Ambient Tracking is set to Adaptive Ambient, as mics are gated and output to the speakers in the room, the ARL rises to a point where the speaker at the CM is no longer 15dB above the ARL, the mic gates off after the Hold Time (currently set to 0.3 seconds). (NOTE: Attempted to attach site file, received error: "extension cnv not allowed").
We have done smaller conference rooms in the past, but this is the first with ClearOnes given the requirements. I feel certain that this problem can be corrected with some setting changes. Do have any recommendations or procedures that should be followed to correct this problem?

 Post subject: Re: 880T Mics Dropping In & Out
PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:50 pm 

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The fix for this is more complicated that a forum post will allow. Please call in to Tech Support at 1-800-283-5936 for instructions on how to resolve this issue.


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