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ClearOne VIEW Pro Streaming System with PANORAMA Software-Based Videowall Solution Enhances Learning and Customer Engagement at Dolphinaris in Scottsdale, Arizona

August 02, 2018 | AV Networking

Customers are engaged, entertained and educated prior to swimming with the dolphins — thanks to ClearOne!

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, August 2, 2018 —  Even for something as exciting as a swim with dolphins there is still room to make the experience even more memorable both before and during the thrill of going nose to bottlenose with these amazing creatures.

 The team at the newest Dolphinaris facility in Scottsdale, Arizona wanted to take their customer experience to another level by transforming them from passive guests to engaged interactive participants. To do this they turned to ClearOne® (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global provider of audio and visual communication solutions, for the installation of a large video wall streaming content driven by their VIEW® Pro encoders and decoders and flexible content layout control using ClearOne’s VIEW Pro PANORAMA™ video wall software.

The facility’s staff felt that, with only a few moments to attract visitors, Dolphinaris needed a reliable and robust multimedia streaming solution that would display the different dolphin experiences visitors can enjoy, plus the associated costs, and drive them to obtain more information from Dolphinaris Front Desk employees, ultimately leading to increased sales.

“As an entertainment venue it was imperative that the multimedia streaming solution deployed by Dolphinaris be robust and deliver the highest levels of audio and video quality,” said Anthony Falzon, Project Manager at Technology Providers Inc. (TPI). “So we conducted an extensive review of solutions from the leading AV manufacturers and chose to work with ClearOne as we have a long-standing relationship with them, are fully aware of the quality of their solutions and had recently completed a similar multimedia display using their solutions.”

Falzon deployed ClearOne’s VIEW Pro E120 encoder and VIEW Pro D210 decoders as they deliver the highest-quality multimedia streaming over an existing IP network and enable visitors to the venue to experience the ultimate 4:4:4 color space, true-color digital media distribution, which is unmatched in scalability and ease of deployment.

Falzon also explained to the Dolphinaris team that one of the key benefits of the VIEW Pro solution is their PANORAMA software that provides a flexible solution that combines multiple video streams for viewing on one or more displays in various layout combinations.

“The installation of ClearOne‘s incredibly flexible and scalable VIEW Pro PANORAMA software allows multiple images to be laid out on screens so that Dolphinaris can have additional layouts for the videowall – which can be created and managed with assets spread across the screens in any combination,” Falzon added.

For Dolphinaris this installation was all about ease of use and flexibility as their main focus remains on providing their customers with a magical encounter and deepened respect for dolphins and their natural world.

“The flexibility of VIEW Pro and the PANORAMA software has already demonstrated the ease at which the content being displayed can be changed to meet evolving business requirements,” said Desmond Wilson, Alepai Consulting Services acting as Owner’s Representative to Dolphinaris, Arizona. “The scalability of the ClearOne solution will allow Dolphinaris to quickly and easily expand its multimedia streaming solution as necessary.”

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