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Back to the Basics – A Quick Glance Into Digital Signage



One of the many challenges that an organization faces, is how to effectively communicate information to their customers, visitors, staff, and/or students. Additionally, that information needs to be current, consistent, and tailored for that organization’s targeted audience.


This is basically what digital signage does, it solves to communication dilemma by delivering highly engaging visuals and audio to a device that’s hooked up to a display for people to see. Humans are inherently attracted to images and sound; what better way to hold somebody’s attention than with millions of colors dancing across bright screens which can be accompanied by a rhythmic melody? This momentary hypnotic state has a purpose. It’s meant to form a relationship, connect with the person, persuade them, and to transfer information that will be remembered.


The essential elements that make up a digital signage network are:


  • A software platform for content creation, scheduling, monitoring, and managing of the devices
  • The media player or application for playing back the content
  • The monitor(s) that the content will show on (some media players are built into the display)
  • The network hardware used for communication between software and media player


As with the integration of any new technology into a space, there are bound to be some challenges that an organization will face―and digital signage is no different. These challenges range from initial cost of the software & hardware, installation, network configuration & monitoring, software training, content strategy, and devising business goals with digital signage.


To ensure a successful digital signage launch and overcome some of these challenges, there are some proven steps to take before any roll out:

  1. Be prepared and understand your business objectives with digital signage.
  2. Have a pre-deployment plan in place and follow it.
  3. Learn as much as possible about the system you want to implement.
  4. Test, test, test.
  5. Know your audience and formulate the content accordingly.
  6. Choose the right location for the screens for optimal traffic and views.


With so many applications and uses for digital signage, integrating this modern medium into an organization is a must. The benefits of enhanced communication, engagement of customers, staff, and students, and the ability to control the voice and brand of a company are fundamental and crucial for a business’s success in today’s modern landscape.


The complexities and nuances of digital signage have many layers and variables that are just too vast to cover here, so I’ll be writing more about those topics in the future.  I hope this “Back to the Basics” post provides some valuable information and food for thought before you embark on your digital signage journey.


I encourage you to take a look at our WebSuite Digital Signage solution and see if it’s the right fit for you and your organization. It’s competitive in price, easy to install, easily expandable & flexible, and simple to use. Our motto has always been, “Digital Signage Made Simple!“, because, with ClearOne’s MagicBox, it truly is.


Leave a comment below or contact us if you have any questions on how we can help you and your business with your communication needs.