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Why I Get Dressed Up For A Wedding


I hate wearing a tie!  No…I REALLY hate wearing a tie.  Recently I was getting dressed up for a wedding.  My wife told me I had to wear a tie.  I reminded her that I was not the one getting married. So who cares what I am wearing?  I was comfortable.  She reminded me that we don’t get dressed up for ourselves, but for those around us.  What we wear sets the tone of the event, and reflects on ourselves.  It actually does nothing for the individual, it’s for the others around us that we get dressed up.


The same holds true when we set up our conference rooms for video conferencing.  Better audio and video does not just improve our experience.  It improves the experience for the people on the other end.  The meeting is so much more enjoyable and productive when everyone can see and hear.


So much has changed in video conferencing over the past five years, or so.  Before the advent of cloud based services, video calls were very expensive due to the cost of the hardware.   And most calls were point-to-point.  Once the cloud services made it into our conferences rooms, it was easier and cheaper to have a video call, and include multiple parties from all over the world.   That is why it is being used so much more everyday.  Since most people didn’t know much about video conferencing, the hardware products we used were very low-quality, at least in terms of use in a professional setting.  A consumer web cam with a built-in pinhole mic, mounted on top of a consumer TV set is what most people used.  The picture was fuzzy, and the audio was hard to understand.  It was good enough for a consumer application, but not for office use.   But that is all that was available.


The improvement in the hardware we use is in a state of accelerated evolution.  Better cameras with HD resolution have become popular as bandwidth has expanded, allowing a better picture to be transmitted.  Participants are demanding better audio, which has created a demand for better mics, and audio DSPs.  As demand exploded, there was now a market for more expensive, and better hardware.  Manufacturers started to design better cameras and microphones made specifically for video conferencing, because they could sell enough of them to justify the cost of research and development of targeted products.  Video conferencing went from niche to widespread use almost overnight.


Adding video to our calls really touches the soul.  It affects us in a way that audio calls never did. It is human nature to want to look at the person you are talking to.  Seeing the person you are talking to makes that experience so much more powerful.  And now, we can look at everyone on the call, regardless where they are located in the world.  The desire to see someone when we talk to them is so powerful, we have been willing to spend extra time and money to fly someplace to see them in person.  Audio just isn’t good enough for some conversations.  Now that it is possible to hear, and see the person we are communicating with, without having to actually travel to see them, we want to improve that experience with better video and audio.  The goal is to make the experience as close to an in-person visit as possible.


And that is why ClearOne is taking the position of industry leader in video conferencing.  We recognize the importance of video conferencing in business.  Creating products that transmit the best video with our unbeatable audio will improve the experience, which improves the overall results of those calls.  Creating the best cloud-based conferencing system like Spontania gives participants a wide range of tools they can integrate into the call.  Multiple cameras and shared whiteboard & documents allow the participants to collaborate in ways they could only previously do in person.  It’s just like being in the same room with everyone, with the exception of the box of donuts!


That is why it is so important for companies that are just adding video calls to their communications to buy the best system they can.  It reflects on their businesses, and shows that they care about the people they are communicating with.  Imagine how great it will be when all sides of the video call has top quality equipment.  Then, the only thing left to do is to put on that tie!



ClearOne is Changing the Game with a New Breed of Media Collaboration Platforms On-Premise and in the Cloud at InfoComm 2014



Brent Johnson
Sr. Corporate Marketing Manager

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — June 16, 2014

The evolution of video conferencing and telepresence morphs to Media Collaboration as InfoComm 2014 attendees visit ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO) to explore an experience never before available. The company is introducing a full portfolio of media collaboration platforms— its new all-in-one COLLABORATE® appliances, and new cloud-based Spontania solutions— aimed at businesses that wish to enhance their audio and visual communications capabilities easily and affordably.
For the first time, customers can utilize a single appliance, a full-featured cloud service, or both, to fulfill all the media collaboration needs in the conference-room environment such as: videoconferencing, a 9-party MCU, streaming, recording and content creation, presentation, and much more. ClearOne will be demonstrating its new, comprehensive Media Collaboration solutions in booth #N1827 as well as a number of partner locations.
“It’s a fact that ClearOne, with its long experience as the global market leader in professional audio, understands the media requirements of both the conference room and the desktop,” said David Moss, ClearOne’s Vice President of Media Collaboration. “So it only made sense for us to leverage this experience into an innovative and otherwise unavailable solution that combines our unbeatable audio with video, adds other rich media functionality, and packages it either in an all-in-one media appliance or makes it available from the cloud on nothing more than a PC or tablet.”
“We know that businesses have heavy demands for high-quality audio, video, and multimedia collaboration tools. The problem has been that no single product or cloud solution has fulfilled all of those needs. Businesses were forced to compromise either by doing without or purchasing numerous products at high expense. Now, for the first time, businesses ranging from small, two-person shops to the largest enterprises can easily and affordably deploy and scale video conferencing or any other type of media collaboration,” Moss said.

Media Collaboration as a Service–

ClearOne’s Spontania Cloud service empowers customers to deploy video conferencing, web collaboration, high-quality audio, recording and content creation, and other media collaboration without the heavy burden of expensive equipment. Designed as a carrier-grade solution, it is available in an SaaS (Software as a Service) or a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model directly from ClearOne, utilizing the Spontania Cloud. For businesses hoping to ensure locked-down security in their own data centers, Spontania is also available as virtual software image to create a private cloud.

All-in-One Media Appliance–

The new COLLABORATE Room Pro replaces a host of traditional single-purpose products, each with their own price tag and maintenance requirements. The COLLABORATE Room Pro, as a single all-in-one solution, provides full, standards-based 1080p 60fps video conferencing, a 9-party MCU, both a streaming and content recording server, presentation, and, in a future free software upgrade, wireless projection and interactive whiteboarding from any device, including mobile systems. The new COLLABORATE Room Pro changes the game as a full-purpose media appliance with a complete range of built-in features and tools to meet the media needs of the conference room. With the introduction of our Spontania cloud service, the COLLABORATE Room Pro also integrates with the ClearOne Spontania cloud allowing users to join the meeting from PCs, Macs, and any mobile device easily and affordably.
It also brings together the most unique combination of pro audio with video conferencing by directly integrating with the award-winning ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array. The Beamforming Microphone Array sets a new standard of world-class conference room audio. Now the best audio is easily combined with the best video to serve all the media needs of the conference or training room.

All-In-One Media Infrastructure–

For businesses who desire an on-premise infrastructure solution, ClearOne now provides the complete single-unit infrastructure server, COLLABORATE® Control. This all-in-one appliance serves the needs of both SMBs and enterprise at a price less than half that of the competition with a fraction of the complexity. The heavy burdens of adding video collaboration pervasively have always been complexity and cost of expensive infrastructure solutions. This will no longer be true, as the COLLABORATE Control single server includes an H.323 gatekeeper, SIP registrar, license server, directory services, firewall traversal, 24 port MCU, call control, streaming, recording and content creation, and a full management system.

About ClearOne

ClearOne is a global company that designs, develops and sells conferencing, collaboration, streaming and digital signage solutions for voice and visual communications. The performance and simplicity of its advanced comprehensive solutions offer unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability and scalability. More information about the company can be found at


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