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Digital Signage: The Future of Customer Engagement

Recent research suggests that companies are delaying the installation of digital signage for their offices and stores, or are removing their existing installed digital signage solutions based on claims of high introductory costs, and difficulty in creating engaging content for their audiences.
Those claims sounds daunting, except they aren’t accurate. Large, full HD monitors have dropped almost 40% in cost over last several years, and are more affordable than ever. These new screens are larger, cheaper and offer a much more engaging presentation than was possible even a few years ago. The WebSuite Digital Signage Platform from MagicBox allows users to layout graphics and information that are easy to create and implement, and even a novice can create a professional looking signage array in very little time.
People are becoming more and more accustomed to multimedia exposure throughout the day. From television and media players in cars, to digital menu boards in restaurants, digital signage is becoming more mainstream. Customers expect to be engaged with information and entertainment, and successful businesses are using digital signage technology to capture new customers— especially a younger demographic with a higher disposable income.
Some worry that the technology is intimidating, and that digital signage will require too much valuable time with designing and programming content. With the Aavelin and Websuite from MagicBox, you have a scalable, complete, turnkey digital signage & video messaging system for broadcast or hi-definition applications. It’s the digital signage market’s leading system for ease-of-use, allowing you to you use your own Windows PC to create prescheduled or ad-hoc multimedia content for playback on your dedicated Aavelin player. Use Aavelin Composer Software to create, schedule, and manage dynamic digital messages in the background, leaving your PC free for other work. Control a single player or multiple units from a remote location, saving time and money. WebSuite technology provides even further flexibility, allowing you to update all of your signage pieces from the cloud using a web browser, and with Android mobile devices. .
WebSuite from MagicBox has a robust and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily create high-definition graphics, text and more for your display. No need to hire a full-time designer; you can easily add eye catching graphics, directed marketing pieces, and special offers to your customers.
Sports bars are installing monitors in their restrooms, so customers never miss a game-changing moment. Restaurants are creating digital menu boards in the lobby to allow customers to view the menu and daily specials before even being seated. Department stores can now offer displays with maps to guide customers to specific areas, and also provide them with special discounts and offers that encourage additional sales. Digital signage is the future of customer engagement, and it’s time to stop asking how you can afford it, but instead, ask how you can afford to continue without it.
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