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Comm-Tec Shares Video of ClearOne Products from ISE 2014

Comm-Tec talks about ClearOne’s game changing Beamforming Microphone Array, and the WS800 Wireless Microphone System.

Beamforming Microphone Array:

The Beamforming Microphone Array is the Pro-Audio industry’s first professional-grade microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology and ClearOne’s next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation. The ultra-sleek design fits into any conferencing environment and delivers the clearest audio pickup available. Twenty-four microphone elements steer pickup patterns towards participants and reject unwanted noise and reflections, offering superb and unmatched performance for group conferencing environments.
Download our free whitepaper “Advanced Beamforming Microphone Technology for Corporate Conferencing Systems”

(Please note that the Beamforming Microphone array has 24 microphone elements, not 25 convential microphones)

WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone System

WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone System — Optimized to work with CONVERGE® Pro and INTERACT® Pro products and perfectly complements ClearOne’s professionally installed audio conferencing product lines. Four new models of wireless microphones/transmitters are now available, as well as a base-station receiver with either 4 or 8 channels, which connects to professional audio mixers. The microphone system uses multiple band RF technology, 24-bit digital audio, and strong encryption for security that fits any application.
Learn more about the WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone System here.


ISE 2013 Recap

We had a tremendous time at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam this year! From meeting with dealers and end-users on the show floor, to talking to our partners, dealers and integrators around Amsterdam, we leave more excited for the future than ever before. ClearOne is about integrating solutions and finding better ways to help our clients succeed.
We enjoyed sharing our latest developments in Pro Audio like the the Beamforming Microphone Array, Pro-Audio industry’s first professional-grade microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology, and our new Wireless Microphone System – adding four new wireless microphone options and two receiver models to our Pro Audio lineup.
In the video conferencing industry, we continue to be at the forefront of the movement toward software-based codecs for flexibility and scalability. Moving away from bulky and outdated dedicated hardware systems is the future, and we are leading the way.
When it comes to digital signage, the cloud based MagicBox Websuite has been enhanced, and has you covered. This new upgrade allows you to either pull or push content and schedule information from the server, supporting workgroup and playlist capabitilies.
Our end users want the flexibility to deliver the ultimate IP AV experience by streaming high-definition audio and video (multimedia) and control over TCP/IP networks. ClearOne combines the audio and video content into a single stream, which allows for easy networking over existing IP networks for digital signage, enterprise multimedia streaming and home entertainment.
As always, ClearOne believes that it’s all about creating solutions for our clients in the fast-moving market – solutions that are reliable, scalable, and compatible, so you can focus on your business. We are busy working on the ideas that will next revolutionize the market, and can’t wait to share them with out at ISE 2014!