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An Industry Outlook on The Future of AV Infrastructure


ClearOne CEO and Chairman, Zee Hakimoglu was recently discussing the direction of the AV industry with some colleagues and was asked an intriguing question that we felt should be shared with the AV community. Hopefully this sparks some positive dialogue between your own colleagues and is a catalyst for new ideas and innovative thinking that will lead to new opportunities.


What do you see as the biggest trends or challenges in the coming years for AV infrastructure?


“I think the greatest challenge is not the technology itself but the psychology of overcoming that AV and IT are really, Really, REALLY converging and going to continue to converge.  The AV practitioner may no longer find himself or herself in a safe zone of pure AV without IT.  Nor will the IT practitioner find himself or herself in a safe zone of pure IT without AV.  The trend for even islands (rooms) of Audio or just Video are disappearing.  Audio and Video systems are in themselves converging even tighter than ever thru cloud and other macro IT related systems.”
Zee Hakimoglu, President & CEO, ClearOne


The AV/IT practitioner now has more and more to choose from but most of it will be strung through standard Ethernet networks.  Lots of fun and business growth ahead for those who are willing to learn and have the courage to take the leap!


ClearOne names S.K. MacDonald as the new rep firm for AV solutions in the US mid-Atlantic region

ClearOne would like to announce a new partnership with S.K. Macdonald, Inc. (SKMac) as the Manufacturer’s Representative in the US Mid-Atlantic states.  SKMac will generate demand for the full portfolio of ClearOne’s video conferencing, pro audio, multimedia streaming, and digital signage solutions.
“S.K. MacDonald is a trusted AV industry veteran, with over 85 years building strong relationships with customers and manufacturers,” said Zee Hakimoglu, Chairman and CEO of ClearOne. “They are a well-recognized audio and video solutions rep, with a ‘no-compromise’ attitude on quality and a push for education down to the end-user level. This new partnership will prove to be a strong opportunity to build further relationships with SKMac’s broad base of value-added resellers.”
“We are thrilled ClearOne has selected SKMac as their rep firm for the Mid-Atlantic. ClearOne’s technologies and leadership position play to the strengths in our company, our resources and our expertise,” said Perry D’Angelo, President of SKMac. “There isn’t a better partner than ClearOne for audio and video conferencing, as we do battle in the Mid-Atlantic A/V marketplace.”