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ClearOne Stand # 3-A106


Wireless Dante

ClearOne’s new version of its Digital Wireless Microphone System is now supporting built in Dante networking technology. It uses radio-frequency digital wireless signal transmission technology with highly secure encryption for privacy and security. This new wireless microphone interoperates with any other Dante device from any supplier, including ClearOne Dante products such as the new CONVERGE Matrix and CONNECT Dante bridge for CONVERGE. The full line of ClearOne Wireless Microphones offer 4- and 8-channel receivers and transmitters including tabletop, gooseneck, hand-held, and belt-pack lavaliers with single-ear headsets. Come visit our Stand # 3-A106



The ClearOne CONVERGE Matrix audio mixer and router supports up to 512 x 512 audio channels using Dante technology for audio-over-IP networking and distribution applications. It has 256 x 256 channels in the main unit and an option to field-upgrade using an expansion card that supports additional 256 x 256 channels. It is compatible with ClearOne’s CONVERGE Pro/SR products through CONNECT Dante and any 3rd party Dante products. Highly scalable, reliable, modular and flexible system for medium to large scale networked audio distribution and sound reinforcement applications. Come visit our Stand # 3-A106