We are excited to reveal a new method for displaying theEZ-Stream Database Integration software content in your Aavelin projects.


Users can now select an area or region on the screen where they would like their information from their database displayed. The template that gets generated from EZ-Stream will be overlayed on top of other content in the project such as backgrounds, images, and text. This is similar to how our LogoBug works and our Crawl regions.


Typically, EZ-Stream data was displayed full screen by itself. If a user wanted to play Digital Signage content as well, the EZ-Stream data was appended to the end of the signage project after it cycled through all of its pages. After the EZ-Stream content ended, the process would repeat.


The new EZ-Stream Overlay Region feature allows a user to display any Digital Signage content at the same time as their EZ-Stream database information. This gives the user greater control over what their audience sees and when they see it. Now you can make sure your audience views relevant and up to date content while simultaneously viewing real time data such as meeting  & conference room schedules, building directories, prices updates and many more other types of data.


Check out the diagram below for a great visual of the EZ-Steam Database Integration software’s overlay region.


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EZ-Stream Overlay Diagram



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